The Holtmann+ sustainability journey

Sustainability - not an "add-on", not a "nice-to-have" but the indispensable basis, an urgent necessity and a decisive competitive advantage.

For us, sustainability means using all resources - whether tangible or intangible - in such a way that they are also available for future generations. At Holtmann+, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations and have been committed to sustainability issues long before they were widely discussed. We recognize that this is only possible by developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy and integrating it into all our business areas. Furthermore, not only the market and our customers, but also our partners, suppliers and employees demand such a focus.

As early as 2012, Holtmann invested heavily in the topic of sustainability and contributed to the development of tools. Holtmann has been carbon neutral (in Scope 1 & 2) since 2018. In 2022, we firmly integrated "Sustainability+" into our corporate mission statement in order to permanently establish a more sustainable corporate culture that strikes a balance between profitability, social responsibility and environmental compatibility. For us, sustainability is not just about complying with legal regulations, but also a fundamental direction and strategy for our company. It is an integral part of our entire value chain, our business model and a driver of creativity and innovation. This is why we officially included sustainability as a focus topic in our corporate strategy in January 2023.

"It doesn't take much. All it takes is the courage to take matters into our own hands and move forward. I am happy to take responsibility for preserving beauty for future generations. Transparency and clear objectives are crucial. Inform, participate and inspire - it will be worth it," says Jörg Zeißig, CEO of Holtmann+.

Our Sustainability team

In order to address the diverse aspects, tasks and potential in the area of sustainability, we strengthened our sustainability team in the middle of last year. This team acts as a driving force for change and plays an active role in shaping a sustainable corporate culture. Our colleagues Laureen Pahl and Anna Volke are passionate about environmentally conscious action, climate-friendly business practices and social responsibility. Thanks to clear responsibilities within the team, not only can all internal sustainability issues be optimally addressed, but the growing requirements of our customers can also be optimally served.

Our understanding of sustainability

For Holtmann+, sustainability means taking responsibility for our actions and their impact. This applies in particular to our internal understanding of sustainability and the management of sustainability within our company. Our activities are based on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and social responsibility.

The ecological, economic and social dimensions can be broken down as follows:


For us, ecology means much more than just climate neutrality. Wherever possible, we have replaced stretch film with transport boxes. We use 100% certified green electricity at all our locations, have electrified a large part of our vehicle fleet and cover the entire electricity requirements of our electric vehicles with our own photovoltaic system.


In the economic dimension, we strive for a long-term sustainable positioning of the company. We focus not only on quick profits, but also on stable relationships with customers and suppliers and a high capacity for innovation in order to meet the needs of our customers.


Im sozialen Bereich steht der Mensch bei Holtmann+ im Mittelpunkt. Unsere internen Prozesse und Abläufe richten wir nach den Bedürfnissen unserer Kundinnen und Kunden aus und pflegen partnerschaftliche Beziehungen zu unseren Partner:innen. Wir schätzen unser Team hoch und bieten unseren Mitarbeiter:innen vielfältige Benefits wie Jobräder, Jobtickets, Bahncards und die Möglichkeit zum mobilen Arbeiten. Flache Hierarchien und regelmäßige Frühstückstreffen tragen zu einer positiven Arbeitsatmosphäre bei. Außerdem engagieren wir uns aktiv in sozialen Organisationen in unserer Region, wie der Langenhagener Tafel oder durch Corporate Volunteering im Rahmen des Langenhagener Social Days.

Unser Weg zur ISO 20121 Zertifizierung

Tackling the climate crisis is a task for society as a whole that has long since ceased to be a "nice-to-have" in our industry, but is now a decisive competitive factor. The sustainability requirements of event organizers and consumers in the LiveCom industry are constantly increasing. In order to meet these requirements and fulfill the needs of all parties involved, a systematic approach, implemented through an optimal management system, is essential. The ISO 20121 certification process covers all three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social impact and economic aspects. The certificate creates an internationally recognized standard and increases our credibility. As sustainable commitment is primarily based on cooperation, we have decided to embark on the ISO certification process in convoy.

ISO 20121 forms the basis for all our other sustainability projects. We not only want to act more sustainably, but also support our customers through meaningful workshops, formats and advice.

Our Sustainability and CSR Manager, Laureen Pahl, emphasizes:

"ISO 20121 does not certify that we are already sustainable. It shows where we can improve. Our aim is to close these gaps step by step."

The path to ISO certification is characterized by constant learning, further development, stumbling, getting up and emerging stronger together. There is no perfect solution, no patent remedy. The goal is not just the certificate itself, but the beginning of continuous improvement and further development. We not only want to share our successes, but also the path we took to get there, in order to help others and create transparency. Our motivation is to credibly demonstrate how we at Holtmann+ live sustainability and to inspire others with it.

Our CO2 footprint

As part of the baseline check and the associated GAP analysis, the company's carbon footprint for 2022 was determined, which amounts to a total of 858.10 t CO2e for Scope 1 - Scope 3. In comparison with previous calculations from 20151, there has been a significant reduction in Holtmann+'s carbon footprint. It should be emphasized that the direct emissions (Scope 1) for the company's own vehicle fleet and stationary combustion in particular have been reduced by around 50% compared to 2015. In addition to awareness and a corresponding catalog of measures to further reduce emissions, Holtmann+ has decided to offset its CO2 emissions and will support the Gold Standard-certified solar energy project initiated by Clean Solar Power in India. The project saves 693.327 tons of CO2e annually.  

Sustainability means opportunities

Sustainability means opportunity. It is the foundation of our actions, the basis of our work and the core of our self-image. We focus on economically, socially and ecologically sustainable concepts. Innovation, creativity and fair partnerships are essential for us to be fit for the future. Holtmann+ creates experiences that not only strengthen customer relationships, but also promote sustainable action. Sustainability is already embedded in our design, and we analyze the environmental impact of every facet of our live communication to find greener alternatives and implement forward-looking projects.

Our Sustainability and CSR Manager, Anna Volke, emphasizes:

"A sustainable live communication format not only underlines our own sustainability efforts, but also those of our customers"

Whether modular components for maximum reusability, reduced construction and transportation volumes or intelligent digital installations: We at Holtmann+ are aware of our responsibility and are already developing more sustainable solutions and ideas for the LiveCom market of tomorrow.

We are walking the path of sustainability together.

In addition to continuously improving our own sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and developing sustainable concepts and consulting services for our customers, we are committed to sharing our experience and knowledge within the industry and working together on projects, tools and standards. The challenges arising from the Paris Climate Agreement affect society as a whole and require joint efforts. We are therefore actively involved in various associations and committees to help develop uniform standards for the event and trade fair industry. Sustainability is a cross-cutting issue that must be taken into account along the entire value chain in order to bring about real change.

Our involvement in various committees and associations includes

  • NetZeroCarbonEvents (Chair of a WorkStream Smart Production and Waste Management, member of WorkStream Measurement)
  • IFES - Co-Chair Sustainability Committee, Executive Board Member Strategy
  • AUMA - Working Group Member
  • Fwd. Board Member Sustainability
  • UFI (Association Steering Group, Sustainability Working Group, Jury Member of Sustainability Award, NZCE-TaskForce)
  • DIN ISO: Expert for standardization & terminology and amendment of ISO 20121

We are proud of our involvement in these bodies and associations, as they help us to drive the sustainability agenda forward and effect positive change in our industry.

We look forward to working with our partners and customers on the path to a more sustainable event industry and helping to shape important milestones along the way.