Variety, new challenges and inspiring experiences are what drives us.


No two of our projects are the same. Every project helps us draw closer as a team, learn new things, and realize visionary ideas together.


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At our company, bright minds, creative visionaries and masterful planners come together to make big ideas a reality. What awaits you at Holtmann+ are exciting projects that keep on challenging you anew, inspire you and let you grow.

We are looking for people who love to create authentic and unforgettable live communication formats. Whether stand conception, event planning or implementation - you will be part of our plus in performance.

as employer

Diverse projects, comprehensive employee benefits and a family-like corporate culture are what make us stand out as an employer. Working at Holtmann+ allows you to open up career prospects, take on varied tasks and become part of a great team. With us, you are not a personnel number. As a family business, we value respectful interaction and a family-like corporate culture.

Are your life circumstances changing? We will find a flexible solution for you together and as equals. Whether you are a student, career starter, trainee or have professional experience, we will support and challenge you right from the start - for your further development, to strengthen your expertise and for our added value.

The best capital of a com­pany is motiva­ted staff.”

Holtmann Brothers
Company founder, 1950

Your Benefits


At Holtmann+, appreciation is taken further. Our employees are our driving force, the heart and mind of every project; they are and remain our most important capital.


We recognize potential, open up opportunities and promote expertise - comprehensive onboarding, individual coaching and further training are at the heart of our employee management and development.


Flexible working options and remote offices have long been firmly established and practiced at our company.


We provide financial security by way of employee share options, company pensions, pension consultancy, contributions to capital formation, and kindergarten fees.​


Practiced transparency, trust and open communication, flat hierarchies, trust- based­working hours, family outings & team events – everything you need to create a harmonious working environment, in the office or digitally.


Employee voices

„Part of the team for two generations for 27 years. Holtmann+ is humanity and fairness.“

Freya Birkholz

„Where customer support becomes an affair of the heart. Holtmann+ is identification.“

Cris Vornkahl

„Appreciated as a mother too. Holtmann+ is work-family balance.“

Louisa Lorenz

"Gifting our clients that WOW effect together. Holtmann+ is creativity.“

Thomas Lahr

"Once a Holtmann+, always a Holtmann+. Holtmann+ is trust.”

Sonja Döpke

"At Holtmann+, I am given ­ the opportunity to organize ­personnel work confidently, fairly and at eye level.”

Kirsten Bittenbinder

Your entry into the world of live communi­cation

Do you want to be part of live communication? Bring people together? Create unforgettable brand moments? Drive innovation, bring trends to life and make sustainability tangible?

With our exciting skilled occupations and dual courses of study, we can offer you a direct entry to the world of live communication at a successful medium-sized company with tradition.​

Creativity being our drive and core of every project, we bank on motivated junior staff – on young talents eager to actively support us with fresh ideas, visionary perspectives and courage. 

A dual course of study brings theory and practice in line and is perfect for all who want to study while putting their talents into practice.

During your studies, you will gain valuable practical experience and thus create the ideal basis for a successful career in live communication. You will also benefit from our many years of experience, a wealth of expertise and our innovative strength. ​

What we offer:

+ Degree in "Business Studies- Trade show, conference & event mangement"
in cooperation with DHBW Ravensburg, at Langenhagen location

+ Degree in "Media Design"
in cooperation with DHBW Ravensburg, at Langenhagen​ location

+ Degree in "Business studies I Event, trade show & congress management"
in cooperation with iba, the University of Cooperative Education, at Nuremberg location

Do you want to help shape your training? With us, you are actively involved from the first day of your training.

Whether you are preparing a trade fair project, planning events or working directly with customers - with us you will take on responsibility right from the start, receive individual support and be a fully-fledged member of our team from day one. You contribute your talents, ideas and impulses to exciting customer projects, develop your own ideas, implement them and make the most of your creative freedom. ​

We love what we do - we have been putting our heart and soul into our projects for more than 70 years. We therefore rely on young talents who are enthusiastic about the planning and implementation of events, communication structures and trade fairs of all kinds and who approach them with as much love, enthusiasm and motivation as we do. Throughout your training, you will benefit from the know-how of our diverse team of experts. We will support you at every stage of your training, give you the help you need and at the same time let you take on responsibility so that you can act, learn and grow independently.

What we offer:

+ Qualification as a Management Assistant in Event Organization 

+ Qualification as a Draughtsperson/ Technical Product Designer 

+Qualification as a Warehouseperson 


Do you want to be part of live communication? Bring people together? Creating unforgettable brand moments? Driving innovation, bringing trends to life and making sustainability tangible?

We offer you a direct entry into the world of live communication at a successful medium-sized company with a long tradition. Creativity is our driving force and the core of every project, which is why we rely on motivated junior staff - on young talents who want to actively support us with fresh ideas, visionary perspectives and courage.

​Become part of the team.

Bright minds, creative visionaries and masterful planners come together at our company to make big ideas a reality.

We are looking for people who love working in the field of live communication, conceiving exhibition stands, planning extravagant events or designing trailblazing communication structures. What awaits you in our company are exciting projects that challenge you anew over and again.

Become part of the team.

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD  to hearing from you.

Kirsten Bittenbinder

Head of HR

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Lisa Kobling

HR Consultant

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