Communication as a motor for change

As the key to all change, communication acts as a bridge between people and their ideas.

“Das Herz der Veränderung: Kommunikation als Motor des Wandels“,
was the title of a podcast episode recorded by Jörg Zeissig from Holtmann+ and Philipp Späth from Drees & Sommer last year during the Designing the Future CIRCULAR DESIGN, BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT.

As proven experts in the field of transformational collaboration, the two discuss in this episode how we can bring people together and create new perspectives.

In a constantly changing world, new forms of communication and collaboration are essential. Jörg and Philipp highlight the challenges and opportunities that come with changes in the market and emphasise the importance of collaboration and other innovative approaches to succeed together.

One crucial aspect is the development of holistic ecosystems that enable companies to optimise joint change processes and adapt flexibly to new challenges. By involving partners at eye level, we can bring people together and look at things from different perspectives, which is an essential basis for innovation and growth.

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