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Is sustainable steel construction even possible? At BAU 2023, “bauformustahl e.V.” answers this question with “yes” and shows how sustainable steel construction is put into practice. As the leading agency, Holtmann+ took on the integrated management of the shared stand at the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.

Is sustainable construction possible with steel? Yes, definitely! bauforumstahl e.V. answered this question vividly and authentically at BAU 2023. The stand concept cast an impressive spotlight on the potential durability and resource efficiency of steel constructions.

Our experts at Holtmann+ primarily focused on putting our client’s product centre stage. True to the guiding motto “Less bric-a-brac. More steel.”, we underscored the material’s sustainability in a special way, because we mostly built the stand from green steel.

We not only attested to the material’s recyclability and reusability by this, but also created an inexpensive stand solution for our client.

2,250 exhibitors from 49 countries presented their products and services in Munich from 17 to 22 April 2023 under the key themes: “Challenge of Climate Change”, “Homes of the Future”, “Digital Transformation”, “Resources & Recycling”.

At the heart of this vibrant exchange, bauforumstahl e. V. proved with its innovative stand concept just how resource-efficient steel can be.

The added values of our sustainable exhibition stand concept for bauforumstahl e.V.:


+ The product as hero:
The client’s product was placed centre stage and its benefits were rendered tangible.​


+ Impact: 
The clear and reduced design emphasized the “shine” and drew attention to steel as a sustainable material.


A sustainable step forward.

+ Re-use:
The cycle of steel’s recyclability and reusability was vividly illustrated.​

+ Resource efficiency:
The resource efficiency was highlighted by the use of steel in the product presentation as well as the stand construction.

+ Sustainability:
The entire stand concept strove for sustainability, from the use of recycled steel through to the emphasis on resource efficiency.


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As the leading agency, Holtmann+ designed the exhibition stand and saw to the integrated management of the shared stand at the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. 


+ Concept development: 
Elaboration of the exhibition stand concept.​

+ Stand design:
Design of the exhibition stand.​

+ Project management: 
Coordination of the exhibition stand project.​

+ Logistics: 
Planning the transport

+ Communication and marketing: 
Elaboration and implementation of the communication and marketing strategy.​​

+ Sustainability management: 
Reducing energy and resource consumption.

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