The world of Generative AI!

In the live communication sector AI technologies help to make events more interactive and customized.

This is precisely why we sat down together in-house and took a closer look at this topic.

In an in-house workshop, our Creative Director Jan Götze gave us a fascinating insight into the world of artificial intelligence.

Whether beginner or advanced - together we explored the basics of generative AI and discovered the enormous potential for our day-to-day work, from ChatGPT to Midjourney, Runway or a completely different tool.

The possibilities opened up by integrating AI into our business processes are diverse and promising. From automating repetitive tasks to generating creative ideas, working with AI offers an exciting approach to making our workflows more efficient and innovative. By using various AI tools, we want to optimize events and, together with the participants, generate more memorable memories than ever before.

In order to provide you with further assistance, we have put together a brief overview of various AI tools and their functions:

  • ChatGPT (generation of text)
  • Midjourney (text to image)
  • deepL  (text translator)
  • Runway (text to video)
  • Luma AI (text to 3D animation)
  • HeyGen (AI-based platform for video creation)
  • UI Magic(support for the creation of websites)
  • Magic Slides (support for PowerPoint presentations)
  • (business ideas)
  • Eightify (summary of Youtube videos)
  • AI Lawyer (legal advice and documents)
  • Microsoft Copilot (access to data in Microsoft 365 Graph and use of LLM functionality)
  • TOME (help creating presentations)
  • (support in the creation of marketing texts and content)
  • Versy AI (text to 3D imagery)
  • (generates jpeg 4x higher resolution) 
  • Wonder Studio (automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene)
  • Eye Contact (simulates eye movements in real time so that it looks as if you are constantly looking into the camera)

Are you looking for something specific or would you like to get your own overview?

There‘s an AI for that